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Through our commitment to become a trauma informed agency, Westlund Guidance Clinic spearheaded the development of a Trauma Assessment Center. This effort is focused on addressing the growing need of trauma exposure in Saginaw and statewide. Our skilled and companionate team of clinicians understand trauma and the impact on the developing child’s brain and are eager to assess both the exposure to, and impact of a wide range of traumatic events and symptoms to help any child in need.


Why a Trauma Assessment?

Developing a comprehensive framework for assessing both the exposure to, and impact of, complex trauma is vital. Complex trauma can have such pervasive impact on developmental trajectories that children often end up with problems across many domains of functioning. A child’s self-image is also profoundly affected. Many of these children end up feeling like they are “bad kids” who just cannot change no matter what they try. These children may be diagnosed with a range of disorders, and consequently treated with multiple medications and therapies that are ultimately ineffective because they fail to address the underlying problem and do not reflect a trauma-informed approach to assessment and treatment.

What is Assessed?

By gathering information using a variety of techniques (clinical interviews, standardized measures, and behavioral observations) and perspectives (child, caregivers, teachers, other providers, etc.), our Trauma team is able to assess for:


Who Assesses?

The Trauma Assessment is conducted by a team of clinically trained providers who understand trauma and the impact on the developing child’s brain.

Who can be Assessed?

We are able to assess children from ages 2 years to 17 years. We work with multiple children servicing agencies to increase who is able to benefit from an assessment.

How to get Connected?

Trauma Assessments take place at Westlund’s Children Trauma Center located in the SVRC Marketplace building at 203 S. Washington Ave. Saginaw, Michigan 48607 Please Contact Westlund Guidance Clinic to get more information about how to get a trauma assessment and to answer any questions.
Phone number: (989) 793-4790. 

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