It is our pledge to help you through life's challenges with respect, dignity, and understanding.


Westlund Guidance Clinic in Saginaw, Michigan, offers community based counseling for kids, adults, and seniors. We understand how difficult it is to navigate through daily life while supressed by grief, personal issues, family problems, mental health challenges, addictions and more. Count on us to connect with the right therapist who can help you achieve a better life.

Westlund Guidance Clinic is committed to providing you with the support you need. Click on the Community Resource Guide PDF below or click on the logos to link to additional resources:

  • SVRC Industries, Inc.

    SVRC Industries, Inc.

  • Nish

    National Industries for the Severely Handicapped

  • Maro

    Employment and Training Association

  • Dl Eg

    Help with employment by Michigan Rehabilitation Services

  • Saginaw County Department of Public Health

    Saginaw County Department of Public Health

  • United Way

    United Way of Saginaw

  • Saginaw

    Saginaw County Community Mental Health Authority

  • Saginaw

    Saginaw Intermediate School District

  • Student Learning Center

    Shiawassee Regional Education Service District

  • Can Council

    Saginaw County Child Abuse and Neglect Council

  • Saginaw

    Saginaw County Friend of the Court

  • Michigan Suicide & Crisis Hotlines

    Michigan Suicide & Crisis Hotlines

  • Underground Railroad, Inc.

    Underground Railroad, Inc.