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Autism & Behavioral Health Treatment Program

Westlund Guidance Clinic offers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment to individuals with Autism and other related developmental disorders from 18 months to 21 years old. ABA is an evidenced based practice that aims to increase language and communication and improve attention, focus, social skills, memory, and academics. ABA focuses on how individuals learn and utilizing reinforcement to teach new skills to bring about meaningful and socially significant behavior change.

A Board Certified Behavior Analyst will use standardized testing (such as AFLS, VBMAPP, or ABLLS) to evaluate strengths and deficits to create and supervise a program focused on your child’s individual needs. A Behavior Technicians/RBT will then implement the programing for the recommended number of hours per week and collect data on your child’s progress. Family training, consultation, and team meetings are also available.autism ribbon

There are many techniques used in ABA such as:
*Discrete Trial Training (DTT)
*Natural Environment Training or Incidental Teaching
*Pivotal Response Training (PRT)
*Behavior Skills Training (BST)
*Verbal Behavior
*Natural Language Paradigm

Treatment may be provided in the home, community, or center based settings.